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Thursday, 19 October 2017

David Langes Debate On Going Nuclear Free

“I smell the uranium in your breath” Were David Lange's words when the opposition said “whether you are snuggling up to the bomb or shadowing the bomb or if New Zealand benefits Sir witch if we charge you we would like an answer soon” and they were the words that I could get out of the video. That debate was at the time of 1 March 1985 and they were arguing whether New Zealand should be nuclear-free. In the last APEC summit, it was trying to get New Zealand and Australia to get Nuclear. Instead, we should go 100 percent wind power or solar power too stop nuclear and stop bad things getting in the air. When David Lange said I smell the uranium in your breath that was a huge huge HUGE turning point for New Zealand because they were now all behind David while the rest were laughing at the American.

(This is my opinion)

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Bird of year

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Perimeter ft Pippa

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Social Studys 3

I think that the road should NOT be there because one it will cost two 250 million dollars and two you will have to pay to drive on it and that is on top of the cost of petrol.The road has the support of all four West Coast councils and many local people, but needed Southland's backing to proceed. The making of the road will destroy animal habitats and probably hurt animals now I do not think that anyone would want that and if anyone did that would be inhuman. Talking of the road (still) The cost of going on it will cost you 35 to 50 dollars!!!! Thats crazy for a drive It is kinda like having to pay when you drive into town and I know that I would not that! (This is for social studies and I agree)

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

S.M.A.R.T goals

Social Study's 2 Sinking of rainbow warrior

I needed to blow up that ship or else we would not be able to test our bombs because “Greenpeace” would get in our way of the bomb testing with there protesting.  On the 10 July, two explosions ripped through the hull of the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior, which was at Marsden Wharf in Auckland at the time. I dive under the ship and place the bomb, I start to regret it when Fernando Pereira gave me a nudge so I placed it on the boat and started to swim.The two bombers were then caught and sentenced to ten years in prison but they were let out in two years cause the French made a deal with the New Zealand government so they could spend the next 8 years in prison in France.You can now go to Auckland and see the rainbow warrior in the harbour as now it is a dive site for people to dive down and see the Rainbow warrior itself.

(This is just a perspective of the French side and I do not agree with some of it, and I also had to do this in less than 45 mins.)